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HR Property Management


Owning real estate can be one of the greatest investment opportunities as long as the property condition and occupancy is properly managed so that it consistently produces income.  It can also be the biggest headache if not managed correctly by a professional with adequate time and knowledge.

Hamilton's Realty has developed a system that maximizes both owner oversight and tenant quality-of-residency. Hamilton's Realty manages all of it's properties with company staff and does not allow sales agents to manage properties.  This is to ensure that each property is managed with accuracy and precision.

Benefits to Owners:

  • Our Online Owner's Portal allows the owner to oversee dates of rent collection & distributions, work order request/process, and anytime/anywhere access to property documents.
  • Best in Market tenant screening - Tenant's are screened by credit report, eviction report and national criminal reports, so you know exactly who will occupy your property.
  • Our professional and dedicated Property Management staff give the owner a single point of contact that is always available for excellent communication, and to ensure that your property is always being managed properly.
  • Massive Market Exposure leads to less days spent vacant and more days occupied with quality tenants.

Benefits to Tenants:

  • Our professional and dedicated staff will make sure that your stay is as hassle-free as possible and that any and all needs are served respectfully and quickly.
  • Pay rent, access ALL Documents, and submit work orders through your individual tenant portal. 


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