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Whether you are selling your home to purchase an upgrade, move to another area of the country, or your family's needs have changed, Hamilton’s Realty agents can provide you the best insight and experience.

The most important element of successfully selling your home is the price.  If the home is priced too high because you plan to ask high but accept less,  buyers WILL NOT come to even view your home.  If priced too low, it may sell for faster, but at a perceived loss.

It is understandable that when selling a home that you are emotionally invested in, you will give greater weight to the amount of money that you may have put into upgrades and personal improvements, not to mention the priceless memories that you have had in your home.  BUT, a property can only be sold for a price a buyer is willing to pay, not what you feel your home should be worth.

When pricing your home, consider the fact that, at any given moment, your Hamilton’s Realty agent and the buyers currently looking for a home to purchase have the most relevant market knowledge. Your agent has the experience and tools to sell your home for top dollar, and has likely sold many homes that are comparable sales to your own – many times in your neighborhood – giving them a distinctive advantage in assessing and pricing your home appropriately. In addition, buyers currently looking for a home to purchase have become the dominant market analyst.  Whereas sellers are focused on ONLY ONE PROPERTY in the market, buyers and their access to information are assessing the features and prices of EVERY PROPERTY in the market.  With ever-growing access to market information, features and photos of properties currently for sale, and what properties have recently sold for, buyers have become intimately knowledgeable of exactly what is available and what homes are selling for. Your agent is even further inclined to the current status of the market.

When you hire your Hamilton’s Realty agent, you are not only hiring an experienced, knowledgeable and trusted consultant, you are hiring your liaison to the most powerful real estate salesforce in Hampton Roads.  Your Hamilton’s Realty agent works directly with – not in competition with – ALL of Hamilton’s Realty agents.  This gives you immediate access to a network of ready buyers, organic personal and professional relationships, and a market reach that is beyond comparison to any other sales team or company in the market.