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Career Information

Whether beginning a career in real estate, or considering moving your license to a new company, you should always first research the vision and core values of each brokerage you are considering.  At Hamilton’s Realty, it is our mission to consistently deliver excellence through Passion and Performance.  Chris Hamilton personally selects every agent to work at Hamilton’s Realty, ensuring that the company’s vision is held to the highest regard.

Message from Chris Hamilton:

            “Real estate agents have a terrible reputation for being poorly trained, and possessing a lack of business and people skills.  Most real estate companies have done little to help this, hiring as many agents as possible, promoting that their own agents be in competition with each other, all while providing very few benefits to their agents.  This is a system that does not serve the client.

            I welcome agents that display a passion for providing excellent service to their clients, are constantly looking to excel, and are dedicated to improving themselves and the communities in which they work and live.  All Hamilton’s Realty agents realize the benefits of working together so that we can succeed as a cohesive group. 

            In return, I promise you that I will ensure that you always have the tools and knowledge you need to succeed at your highest level.  Whether you are new to real estate or a seasoned agent, we will work together and draw from your individual experiences and passions to develop your business well beyond what is possible to do alone.”

~ Chris Hamilton

Contrary to the traditional real estate brokerages, it is Chris Hamilton's vision to build a company that is large enough to have a strong, well-respected market presence, yet small enough to maintain a long-term relationship with each individual client and agent.

To have this vision succeed, we are looking for agents - or new hires -  that are dedicated to the artisan craft of servicing their clients, and are looking to develop a true real estate business verses selling a few houses as a hobby.  Agents that are to be considered must display great professionalism, attention to detail, ability to work as a team, and an ambition to grow professionally and in life. 

If you share in these ideals and think Hamilton’s Realty could be your professional new home, contact our office to meet directly with Chris.